Washington DC Bachelorette Boudoir Marathon

I was *so* excited when my friend Cassie’s maid of honor reached out to me and said that, as part of Cassie’s bachelorette extravaganza in DC, they wanted to do a boudoir shoot. Of course, I said *yes!!!* and we spent an afternoon together having a blast in their suite. Plenty of champagne, laughter, sparkles, feathers, hair flips, and down right sexy attitude from all these ladies. They were all so supportive of each other, and I don’t think Cassie could have picked better women to be part of her bridal party. I’m so glad I got to be a part of her celebrations, and I hope they all had as much fun as I did with their shoots – they were no question a blast to work with! Thanks again for having me, ladies!



Amanda & Nick: Cleveland Park Anniversary Session

I had SO much fun with Amanda and Nick! They love their Cleveland Park neighborhood and they decided to celebrate their fifth anniversary with a photo session around some of their favorite places to hang out. They also seem so much like newlyweds and couldn’t stop laughing for the whole session! Anniversary sessions may be one of my new favorite things to shoot – it’s awesome to be able to capture a couple’s love and commitment as it evolves over time.

Amanda and Nick, thanks for sharing your morning and your wonderful corners of Cleveland Park with me!

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Leah, Kenny, Tyler & Madisyn: A Pumpkin Patch Family Session

I’m so excited to share this session with you! It feels like Leah is one of my “oldest” friends now. She was one of the first friends I made when I moved to DC 11 years ago for grad school and we’ve seen each other through a lot of different life events in the course of those years. I was so happy to spend an afternoon at Montpelier Farms with her, her husband, and two lovely kiddos. We had fun getting pictures with the pumpkins (it is ridiculous how big some of them get) and taking a hayride. Madisyn was such a sweetheart and, once he warmed up, Ty was a really thoughtful, funny kid. One of the best things was seeing how much these two loved each other – it was clear Tyler gets a kick out of being a big brother, and he could make Maddie laugh in a way no one else could! (And they were all such troopers, considering it was almost 90s degrees on a fall day!) Thanks again for a fantastic afternoon!

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Boudoir Session: S

I was so excited when this lovely lady responded to my Facebook post about boudoir sessions and wanted to do one as a gift for her boyfriend for Valentine’s/his birthday (lucky him!) I don’t think it’s any secret that I have such fun with these sessions – I love seeing women embrace the fun, flirty, sexy aspects of their personalities and their willingness to let that shine in their photos! I thought S did a beautiful job with all of that and I hope you enjoy these!

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(Note: All boudoir images that are shown on either this page or my Facebook page are all explicitly approved by the client before posting. I understand that boudoir photos are very personal and intimate, and respect clients who do not want any of their boudoir images posted online.)

A Glamour Story: Susan

As I mentioned before, winter is usually slower for photography, because the weather gets chilly, no flowers, no leaves on the trees…but so far, winter in DC hasn’t been all bad. On one sunny Sunday afternoon, I met up with my friend Susan at Meridian Hill Park for a fun, glamorous photo session. Even thought the fountains were already off for the season, the park was still lovely and a lot of fun to explore and it’s definitely a place I will return for sessions in the future. Hope you enjoy!

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Carlos, Karissa & Cristabel: A Tidal Basin Family Session

Making plans to do photos outside starts getting dicey towards the end of October. You just never know what the weather is going to do. So I was a little nervous when Karissa and I made plans to do a photo session with her, Carlos, and Cristabel over Veteran’s Day weekend. What if it was freezing? Or windy? Or snowy? Or rainy? Or all of the above? I needn’t have worried, however – the day was bright and sunny and 70 degrees! I’d be happy if it stayed like that all winter long! We met up at the Jefferson Memorial and took some photos by the Memorial and along the Tidal Basin. Good thing they all brought their sunglasses with them!

Her dad’s going to be in trouble when the boys start knocking at the door ;)

What a good looking couple!

You’re never too old to have your dad give you a lift

Simply gorgeous