Oak Hill Cemetery

Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows that I am weird in that I *love* cemeteries. I love exploring them and have ever since I was a little kid. I think my parents were quite concerned that anytime we drove anywhere, I asked to A) drive past the prison in our town and B) go look around cemeteries. (So far I have seemed to avoid the serial killer career these interests might seem to imply.)

So it shouldn’t be a big surprise that, for my birthday this year, my husband took me first to explore Oak Hill Cemetery, followed by dinner at my favorite tapas restaurant. Headstones and sangria? Win.

We didn’t have as much time to explore Oak Hill as it deserves, so I will certainly be making an expedition back, but here is what I captured for now.


Washington DC Bachelorette Boudoir Marathon

I was *so* excited when my friend Cassie’s maid of honor reached out to me and said that, as part of Cassie’s bachelorette extravaganza in DC, they wanted to do a boudoir shoot. Of course, I said *yes!!!* and we spent an afternoon together having a blast in their suite. Plenty of champagne, laughter, sparkles, feathers, hair flips, and down right sexy attitude from all these ladies. They were all so supportive of each other, and I don’t think Cassie could have picked better women to be part of her bridal party. I’m so glad I got to be a part of her celebrations, and I hope they all had as much fun as I did with their shoots – they were no question a blast to work with! Thanks again for having me, ladies!



A Glamour Story: Susan

As I mentioned before, winter is usually slower for photography, because the weather gets chilly, no flowers, no leaves on the trees…but so far, winter in DC hasn’t been all bad. On one sunny Sunday afternoon, I met up with my friend Susan at Meridian Hill Park for a fun, glamorous photo session. Even thought the fountains were already off for the season, the park was still lovely and a lot of fun to explore and it’s definitely a place I will return for sessions in the future. Hope you enjoy!

IMG_4353_2_edited-1IMG_4356_2 IMG_4366_2IMG_4375_2 IMG_4369_2_edited-1IMG_4383_2 IMG_4441_2 IMG_4469_2 IMG_4455_2_edited-1

Christmas in DC

As I’m in Ohio preparing for the Christmas holiday with my family, I just wanted to take a minute to share some photos of Christmas in DC. I’m fortunate enough that one evening, after happy hour at Union Market, my friends were willing to walk around downtown with me to take photos of the Capitol Christmas Tree and the National Christmas Tree. I love the holidays in DC :) Hope you enjoy, and hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

IMG_4253_2_edited-1 IMG_4270_2_edited-1 IMG_4272_2 IMG_4276_2 IMG_4289_2 IMG_4294_2 IMG_4296_2

Carlos, Karissa & Cristabel: A Tidal Basin Family Session

Making plans to do photos outside starts getting dicey towards the end of October. You just never know what the weather is going to do. So I was a little nervous when Karissa and I made plans to do a photo session with her, Carlos, and Cristabel over Veteran’s Day weekend. What if it was freezing? Or windy? Or snowy? Or rainy? Or all of the above? I needn’t have worried, however – the day was bright and sunny and 70 degrees! I’d be happy if it stayed like that all winter long! We met up at the Jefferson Memorial and took some photos by the Memorial and along the Tidal Basin. Good thing they all brought their sunglasses with them!

Her dad’s going to be in trouble when the boys start knocking at the door ;)

What a good looking couple!

You’re never too old to have your dad give you a lift

Simply gorgeous

Steve, Lisa & Christopher: A Gravelly Point Park Family Session

I met Lisa, Steve, and Christopher on a windy Saturday afternoon at Gravelly Point Park in Arlington for their family photo shoot. This is one of my favorite locations in the area, so I was excited when they picked it. This park is neat because it is right next to Ronald Reagan National Airport, so planes are often taking off or landing right overhead. The Mount Vernon Trail runs through the park, so it’s a great jumping off point for walking or biking, and as you walk towards the city, you can get some great views of the monuments in DC. It’s a great mix of urban and nature and one of my top places to hang out in the area.

I was also excited to meet this family because they came to me in a special way. I’m a big proponent of supporting causes that are important to you, and one thing that means a lot to me is finding a way to support our military members and their families (which is why all current and former military members and their families get a discount if they book photography services with me). A few months ago, I donated some photography gift certificates for use by the Yellow Ribbon Fund at some of their charity auction events during the year. Lisa and Steve graciously bid on and won my gift certificate at one of the charity events, and it’s a win-win – they support a charity that is doing great work, they get family photos taken, and I get to spend an afternoon with another fun family!

Christopher was all about exploring at the park

Why walk if mom and dad will just swing you along?

Or if you can catch a ride on dad’s shoulders!

Talk about perfect timing – just as we walked under this bridge, a train came along, so we stopped to watch

Someone was clearly excited for the train :)

It’s not like dad really needs to see where he’s going, right?

Thanks so much, B Family, for letting me spend the afternoon with you all, and for supporting the Yellow Ribbon Fund!