Celebrating My Best Friend

This guy:


is Skylos. My furry best friend.

He’s TWELVE today!! Look at all the handsome gray on his chin.

Knowing my track record with goldfish and plants, I wouldn’t have put money on me being able to keep a living creature alive and thriving for 12 years, but…here we are. Every day I am grateful that I have him. For someone like me, who struggles with anxiety and depression, having this guy in my life has been a blessing from the universe. He makes me laugh, he gives great snuggles, and he makes sure I get out of bed every day.  I can definitely see that he is aging, and it hurts my heart knowing he won’t be around forever, but I am glad we are taking his journey together.

Now, like any good labrador retriever, Skylos eats everything in sight. But he’s also a weirdo. He absolutely *loves* bananas.  So he had a happy birthday banana this morning, but lest we be thought of as the equivalent of someone who hands out apples to trick-or-treaters, we will probably take him out for some vanilla ice cream this weekend.

Happy birthday, buddy! Here’s to (at least) 12 more, right?! We love you!

Ben, Melissa, Joshua & Abigail: Burke Lake Park Family Session

I had SO much fun with these guys. The kids cracked me up, and they were all total naturals. We met at Burke Lake Park and took off along the trail to get some nice pictures in the woods and along the lake. At our first stop, I put my bag down to get my camera out and ready and by the time I turned around, they’d already arranged themselves perfectly! I also loved the nice touch of the balloons they brought along, as Abigail was just celebrating her third birthday! I hope you enjoy checking these out as much as I enjoyed taking them!

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