Sara, Justin, Sydney & Rootbeer: Burke Lake Park Family Session

So I am informed there is some big football game going on Sunday…? I admit I am not a football person; I am definitely one of those people who watches the Super Bowl for the commercials and halftime show and I get way more excited about the Puppy Bowl than I do for the actual game. But I know a lot of people go all out for the big game (and ok, I admit, it’s a really good excuse to eat a lot of nachos) so I figured it was appropriate to share my shoot with this football loving family (and there is in fact a “puppy” as well, as a bonus!) Enjoy, and have fun this upcoming weekend, whether you’re cheering on a team, rooting for the underdog pup (yes, bad pun intended), or ignoring it all and doing your own thing.

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Jason, Sarah, Sassy, Raven & Lucky: Walkersville Community Park Family Photos

I had so much fun with this family! I got to know Jason and Sarah through my volunteer work with Lab Rescue, so I was super excited when they asked me to do their family photos – especially when they emphasized they meant photos with their three awesome labs, Sassy, Raven, and Lucky! We met up at Walkersville Community Park, which is one of the cutest parks I’ve been too – great trees, little covered bridge, fantastic light as the sun started to set. Great choice, guys! Jason and Sarah were so sweet together – it was easy to see how much they care for each other and their pack. And the dogs were hilarious – quite the challenge to get all three looking at the camera at the same time, but they were wonderful to work with. Thanks again to all of you for having me out!

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I wasn’t sure how this was going to go, but against all odds, the dogs seemed to be perfectly content on the merry-go-round (and I resisted the urge to give it a spin!)

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Focus on a Friend: Fuzzypants Pet Photography

Aaaahhh!! I have been waiting to be able to do this post because I am excited to show off my friend Carina and the amazing work that she does. Carina, of Fuzzypants Pet Photography, is featured in the summer edition of The Virginia Maryland Dog magazine. This issue of The Virginia Maryland Dog features Carina’s sixth cover for the magazine – and all the covers show off dogs in the VA/MD area that are available for adoption! Carina is affiliated with Hearts Speak, a coalition of artists that provides pro bono services to help draw attention to the countless animals that are looking for forever homes.

Carina and I had been talking about doing a photo swap anyway, so I was so honored when she asked if we could do the swap and she could use the images I took of her and her work with my Skylos for the magazine article. OF COURSE. I’m so pleased to have connected with such a talented photographer who also happens to support a cause that’s so very important to me as well.

You can check out the feature on Carina and Fuzzypants Pet Photography here: (Page 34) and I’ve included below a few other photos from my session with her for you to enjoy as well. Thank you, Carina, for having me take these photos for you, and for the awesome work that you do for animals in need!

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