Todd, Whitney, Bailey & Peter: A Herndon, VA Family Session

OMG, guys. This family. So much fun, and the kids were a riot. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen siblings get along as well as Bailey and Peter did. Peter would just light up whenever Bailey grinned at him, and they laughed (and made us laugh!) so much.

I was *so* happy to get to do this family session. Whitney and I have been friends since shortly after I moved to this area. She and I were roommates when she began dating Todd, and I think one of the best things is when friendships last long enough to see your friends evolve through the different stages of their lives. Whit and Todd will be married 10 years this year, and it’s clear how in love with each other and their kids they are. I am so very grateful to be involved with this whole family, and am glad I got to capture the fun they have together.


Cara: Old Town Alexandria Maternity Session

You may remember Cara and Mark from their Old Town engagement session a couple summers ago. They were so much fun to spend the day with, so I was beyond excited when Cara reached out to me and said they wanted to get together for another shoot – because they were going to be parents!! So it was back to Old Town with Cara and Mark, and this time we added in their chocolate lab Hercules, who was looking forward to being a big brother and hoping his new sibling is as entranced by squirrels as he is.

The day we met up with SO COLD. I have to give major props to Cara and Mark for being real troopers and sacrificing the warmth of their coats for a few shots. It’s also a good thing we got these photos done when we did, because their daughter made her debut just over a week later!

Cara and Mark, thanks for letting me be a part of another momentous event in your life. I look forward to meeting your expanded family!


I love Herc’s adorable bow tie! He will be a dapper big brother for sure!


Cutest. T-shirt. Ever.

Cara Maternity-11logocara3Cara Maternity-17logo

I loved this so much – Cara got an engraved spoon from Etsy and served dessert one night with the spoon, to tell Mark “You’re going to be a Daddy”!

Cara Maternity-4logo


Amanda & Nick: Cleveland Park Anniversary Session

I had SO much fun with Amanda and Nick! They love their Cleveland Park neighborhood and they decided to celebrate their fifth anniversary with a photo session around some of their favorite places to hang out. They also seem so much like newlyweds and couldn’t stop laughing for the whole session! Anniversary sessions may be one of my new favorite things to shoot – it’s awesome to be able to capture a couple’s love and commitment as it evolves over time.

Amanda and Nick, thanks for sharing your morning and your wonderful corners of Cleveland Park with me!

ANedit2 AmandaNickAnniv-47logo ANedit1 AmandaNickAnniv-12logo ANedit3 AmandaNickAnniv-51logo AmandaNickAnniv-32logo

Kendall, Bill & Sadie: A Claude Moore Park Family Session

It’s been a gray, dreary, rainy day here in Virginia. I think my dog has had the right idea – he’s been snoozing pretty much all day, sometimes even under a blanket! (Spoiled? No way!) So it was really nice to put together this blog post – from a sunny and warm fall day, with an adorable little pup included! Sadie probably stole the spotlight at this session (look at those soft, floppy ears and big brown eyes!) but I have to say Bill and Kendall were both looking pretty darn good as well. Thanks to all of you for having me out for this – was a great way to spend an afternoon!

Casey Oct 2014-11logo Casey Oct 2014-39logo Casey Oct 2014-64logo Casey Oct 2014-188logo Casey Oct 2014-130logo Casey Oct 2014-1logo Casey Oct 2014-92logo

Kim, Susan & Elena: Reston Winter Glamour Shoot

It’s May. It’s 90 degrees. So what makes sense? A winter glam session, of course! I have to start this post by saying I have the best friends in the world. I had an idea combining evening gowns and a snowy backdrop, and luckily I also have friends who love me enough that they were game to get outside on a chilly January afternoon for this session. We did have a lot of fun and I bought them all margaritas after, to warm them back up. I hope you enjoy, and thanks again, ladies, for being willing to freeze for me! (And, Kim, for being willing to share your fabulous vintage furs for the session!)

IMG_6033logo IMG_6004logo IMG_5995logo

I asked them to laugh…and they immediately started saying choice words about me getting them out in the cold. Hey, whatever works!

IMG_6019logo collage1 IMG_5985bwlogo

Jen: Old Town Alexandria Headshots

This winter was so weird here in Virginia, I can’t say how lucky Jen and I got doing her headshots! After the below freezing temperatures and plenty of snow, we managed a gorgeous day in February (how did that happen?!) to get out in Old Town for our session. We spent some time wandering along the waterfront and the cool buildings – Old Town is definitely one of my favorite places in the area, so I was so glad we decided to do her photos there! (PS: If you’re in Old Town, be sure to stop at Lavender Moon Cupcakery for a snack – one of my favorite places, and I always come home with more than one!)

Jen, thanks again for sharing one of our rare warmer winter days with me for this session! I hope these photos serve you well in your endeavors!

IMG_6123logo IMG_6106bwlogo IMG_6090logo JenSHS1 IMG_6108logo

Boudoir Session: S

I was so excited when this lovely lady responded to my Facebook post about boudoir sessions and wanted to do one as a gift for her boyfriend for Valentine’s/his birthday (lucky him!) I don’t think it’s any secret that I have such fun with these sessions – I love seeing women embrace the fun, flirty, sexy aspects of their personalities and their willingness to let that shine in their photos! I thought S did a beautiful job with all of that and I hope you enjoy these!

IMG_5906bwlogo IMG_5804logo susancollage IMG_5862logo IMG_5895bwlogo IMG_5928logo






(Note: All boudoir images that are shown on either this page or my Facebook page are all explicitly approved by the client before posting. I understand that boudoir photos are very personal and intimate, and respect clients who do not want any of their boudoir images posted online.)