Kim, Susan & Elena: Reston Winter Glamour Shoot

It’s May. It’s 90 degrees. So what makes sense? A winter glam session, of course! I have to start this post by saying I have the best friends in the world. I had an idea combining evening gowns and a snowy backdrop, and luckily I also have friends who love me enough that they were game to get outside on a chilly January afternoon for this session. We did have a lot of fun and I bought them all margaritas after, to warm them back up. I hope you enjoy, and thanks again, ladies, for being willing to freeze for me! (And, Kim, for being willing to share your fabulous vintage furs for the session!)

IMG_6033logo IMG_6004logo IMG_5995logo

I asked them to laugh…and they immediately started saying choice words about me getting them out in the cold. Hey, whatever works!

IMG_6019logo collage1 IMG_5985bwlogo

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