Glamour Session: Jen

Early in March, I went to visit my friends Jen and Matthew in Cleveland. I hadn’t been up to see them since their wedding in June, so it was more than past time for a visit. In between eating lots (and lots!) of good food, visiting with people, and doing yoga, Jen and I decided it would be fun to get out and do a glamour session. Why not? I was glad that Matthew came along as well, so I could get some cute pictures of them together.

I also have to say that Jen was a champ. In typical Ohio fashion, it was a lovely, sunny day, but was far from being able to be defined as “warm”. Jen toughed it out, though, and rocked it in all her photos, in spite of the temperature!

IMG_5233_2_edited-1 IMG_5237_2 IMG_5251_2 IMG_5288_2_edited-1 IMG_5325_2 IMG_5258_2 river IMG_5429_2 IMG_5332_2 IMG_5364_2_edited-1 IMG_5357_2_edited-1 IMG_5368_2 IMG_5418_2_edited-1 IMG_5398_2 IMG_5377_2_edited-1

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