The F Family

So this was actually a dual purpose photo shoot, which just means twice the fun. My friend Jennifer asked me to do some headshots for her that she can include on her business website. She is the talented owner of Serendipity Wellness Studio, and she and her staff offer a great range of massage and other wellness services. I’ve been going to her studio for several years now and can attest to the magical powers of massage, so of course I was happy to help out with her photos for her webpage.

In addition to her headshots, we also captured some moments with Jennifer and her son, Zac. I have to tell you, this kid was a riot and a ball of energy. I don’t know how his mom keeps up! He was all about climbing trees, jumping off of stuff, playing, running – you know, all the things kids should be doing. But he was a real sweetheart as well, and eager to get involved in the photo session (particularly when you can define “involved” as giving his mom bunny ears in a picture).

I also think another great thing was that we did all these photos right in their neighborhood  – a nice reminder that it’s not always necessary to travel far from home to get great photos. We used the neighborhood playground, the front steps, the flowers planted on the median in the road, and a neighbor’s gorgeous flowering bush and garden bench as our back drops. I really like doing photos where people feel comfortable and at home (and that can include literally “at home!”) because I think people are much more able to relax and be themselves in photos when they are in a place they are at ease.

So, without further adieu, here are a few of my favorite shots from these sessions with Jennifer and Zac.

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