Frederick Mommies Photoshoot

When I first made the leap into photography, I didn’t imagine myself focusing (sorry, terrible pun there) a lot on kids. This is mostly because I don’t have children of my own, so I didn’t really feel like I would know the best way to photograph kids. What I knew were that kids can have quick mood changes, don’t always react well to strangers being all up in their face, and move – a lot, and unpredictably. I wasn’t sure how I would figure out how to manage all of that from behind the camera without having a lot of personal experience.

Luckily, my good friends Kent and Dana asked me to do some photos of their son, Henry. Henry is a sweetheart and he gave me lots of good kid practice. And now I LOVE doing photos of kids! Go figure :) I have very much come to appreciate the spontaneity of kids and the challenge of capturing them in their element, and there is just something about watching kids having a good time that brings extra joy into my day.

So I was really excited when the Frederick Mommies Network asked if I would be willing to participate in a photo fundraiser for them. Families involved in the network sign up to have their photos taken, and a portion of the money goes back to the operating costs of the network. Seemed like a pretty cool idea to me, so on a Saturday afternoon, I started meeting up with families at Fountain Rock Park. I came equipped with my camera, a big yellow ball, and bubbles, and the families came with their best smiles. I took a TON of photos so just wanted to share with you some of my favorites of the awesome families that I got to meet! I am doing this again with this organization this upcoming weekend, and I cannot wait to meet even more great people!

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