Jhonna & Ryan: Cherry Blossom Maternity Session

I LOVE the idea of maternity shoots. I know some people are sort of weirded out by the whole concept. And I get it. To some people, pregnancy is an intensely private thing, understandably. But I really like the idea of a woman wanting to capture this experience in her life, and I think the old adage is true – pregnant women have this gorgeous, amazing glow about them, and it’s wonderful to have the chance to capture that in photographs.

Jhonna and Ryan are friends of mine from work. They are hands-down one of the most fun couples that I know, and I think they are going to be outstanding parents. They just have so much love and joy about them, and their little girl is going to be one lucky kiddo.

Our original plan was to head down to the Tidal Basin and do photos with the cherry blossom trees. But because of all the weird weather this winter and early spring, the cherry blossoms passed their peak long before we were able to get into DC and they were looking rather sickly. Fortunately, we did find some gorgeous pink trees in East Potomac Park, and then wandered around the Jefferson and Tidal Basin for some more photos. We stopped by some really vibrant tulip beds and then finished up the WWII Memorial. Jhonna gets major points for being willing to do so much walking!

They had their baby shower over this weekend, and I was so excited to arrive and see one of the photos from our session on their cake! I feel so famous :)

They’re due this summer, and I can’t wait to meet their little girl and show off some photos from her newborn session! (And also a few other favorites from this maternity session – that I can’t share just yet, lest I give away too much!)

Congrats to you both – thank you for letting me be a part of this exciting journey!!

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